Department of Dermatology

Department of dermatology at PRCTH was established in 2018. It is headed by Assistant Prof. Dr. Zahida Perveen. Department provides outpatient and inpatient services for patients with dermatological diseases. Procedures like electrocautery, fulguration, chemical peels, cryotherapy and skin biopsies are regularly carried out. The department has a well equipped departmental library with all the major references and textbooks in dermatology.

The laser room for dermatology procedure is under construction.

Dermatology is every changing field where new & latest treatment and procedures are pouring in everyday, we at Dermatology Department CPMC / CPTH are constantly striving to provide the best available state of the art treatment and aesthetic procedures. The procedures that are being offered by certified Dermatologists (Skin Specialist) are: Diagnosis of skin diseases by skin Biopsy, Chemical Peel, Electrofulguration and Electrocautery of skin.

Faculty of Dermatology

Dr. Zahida Perveen,
Head of Department
Assistant Professor, MBBS, FCPS